Why can’t Jenny design everyone’s slides?

This was the question that spawned the last year of work here at Jackson Fish Market.

Jenny and I do a modest amount of public speaking. And we do our best to make sure the imagery behind us as we speak is effective and beautiful. We want to get our points across and create a great emotional response to our message. Invariably, after I give a talk, someone will come up to me and ask: “How did you make your slides? They’re gorgeous.” And I always respond, “Thank you so much. Jenny designed them. Too bad Jenny can’t design everyone’s slides.” And then we always joke, “too bad Jenny can’t design everyone’s slides.”

But one day, the thought occurred to us, “Why can’t Jenny design everyone’s slides?”

We thought long and hard about how to scale up our design services in a way that would change visual communications for the broadest group of people possible.

Today, we’re proud to announce the answer to that question: The Slide Bureau – Your professional Art Department. Slide Bureau is a new presentation creation tool for app for iPads and a presentation sharing service.

Slide Bureau

You can see all the details in this presentation. (Swipe to advance.)

You can even meet some of the amazing customers we worked with to create our new service in this video.

While we’re incredibly proud of our new service, it wouldn’t be here without the key people of Jackson Fish Market. First and foremost, we conceived of this service several years ago but needed to find the right developer to bring it to life. We worked for a long time with Jeff Ort and we couldn’t ask for anyone better to be our partner and co-founder in bringing Slide Bureau to life. In addition to Jeff, our little team at Jackson Fish Market has been expanding. Holly and Tom have contributed gorgeous templates, suggestions, and more to Slide Bureau, and McKenna the newest member of JFM is doing a great job telling the Slide Bureau story.

We’re so proud of Slide Bureau. We’d love for you to check it out. (Slide Bureau website | Slide Bureau on the App Store)

Happy Anniversary Jackson Fish Market

Seven years ago today Jenny Lam and Walter Smith and I started Jackson Fish Market. I’m super proud of the lovely small business we’ve built, the clients we’ve helped, and the products we’ve created. And today Jenny and I have two awesome colleagues – Holly Dunning and Tom Chang as well as our new partner Jeff Ort helping us building JFM into something even greater. This is the best job I’ve ever had and it’s only getting better.

Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 under 40

This year we are proud to announce that our very own Jenny Lam is being honored in Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 under 40. The program, in it’s 15th year, acts to spotlight the top business leaders under the age of 40 who excel in their industry and show dynamic leadership.

Stay tuned for the special 40 under 40 publication that includes expanded stories, photographs and fun personal facts about each of the honored individuals. To see the full list of those honored please visit The Puget Sound Business Journal.

We hope you can join us in celebrating all those honored at the 40 under 40 Honoree Bash in September.

We’re Crazy for Carrots

Today, we’re proud to announce a new creation from Jackson Fish Market. It’s a video game. Yes, a video game.

In some ways, creating a video game is the ultimate challenge of software design. Every option is at your disposable, and the only thing keeping anyone using is the possibility that it may be fun. Hard stuff!


Carrot Crazy combines adorable graphics, energetic music, and twenty-five challenging levels of arcade-style action. Crazy critters, fun powerups, and plenty of bonuses, keep things interesting throughout. Help Carl the cantankerous farmer plant and harvest his carrot fields. Carl’s friend and customer Jolene needs all the carrots she can get to make her organic juice. But watch out, annoying birds keep eating Carl’s carrot seeds, and pesky rabbits try to steal his carrots. But you never know what Carl has up his sleeve to deal with those varmints.



It’s our first ever full-fledged video game and we submitted it to Apple a few days ago. So, assuming all goes well, we’ll have it up in the store soon.


Jenny, Holly, and I created every last bit of Carrot Crazy. Visual/UI design, game/level design, music/audio, and programming are all courtesy of the three of us. If you’re in Seattle, and would like to check out Carrot Crazy before it’s out to the general public, come by our office (at the INScape building in the International District in Seattle) and play the game. (We have carrot shaped gummy candy too for anyone who comes by for a spin.)


We’ve kind of fallen in love with Carl and Jolene and hope you will too.