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Context Relevant’s state-of-the-art predictive machine learning technology is generations ahead of everyone else in the industry. And yet, for customers looking for this technology, every provider looks, feels, and sounds similar. Context Relevant needed a visual identity and marketing communications strategy that reflected the unique nature of their offerings. In short, they needed to stand out from the crowd. We collaborated with the team at Context Relevant to create the right strategy and execute it across an entirely renewed suite of communications material, their website, the design of their brand new Wall Street offices, and even the design of generative art that graces their website, and a wall of monitors behind reception in their NYC office space.

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context-relevant-side-1.png context-relevant-side-2.png Stephen-Purpura.png context-relevant-side-3.png context-relevant-side-4.png context-relevant-side-5.png context-relevant-side-6.png context-relevant-side-7.png context-relevant-side-8.png context-relevant-side-9.png context-relevant-side-10.png context-relevant-side-11.png context-relevant-side-12.png context-relevant-side-13.png context-relevant-side-14.png context-relevant-side-15.png