Jackson Fish Market
Posted on November 17, 2014 by hillel on Books, Making Things Special, User Experience

We’ve written a new User Experience and Design Book just for you — Making Things Special

This week marks the eighth anniversary of Jackson Fish Market. In the last eight years, and the many before that, Jenny and I have contributed designs, identity, strategy, and a fair amount of execution to dozens and dozens of technology projects large and small. We’ve spent years thinking about and honing our answers to the […]

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Maverick by Ricardo Semler

The formula for successful business books as of late is often as follows: Novel observation: highly improbable stuff happens/little things make a big difference/committing to success leads to failure Distinctive title: The Black Swan/The Tipping Point/The Strategy Paradox Maverick, by Ricardo Semler, doesn’t follow this pattern. Not that it’s formula is particularly original (business leader […]

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Marketing IS User Experience

In so many (though not all) of my past work experiences there was always this weird dividing line between the people that made the product and the people that told the world about the product. I never understood it. To me the customer’s experience with our company and our software always started at seeing the […]

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the myths of innovation

Years ago I got to work with Scott Berkun at the big software company over the bridge. After that time Scott started to figure out how he wanted to evolve his career and what he enjoyed doing. Ultimately, Scott is a really thoughtful and articulate person and enjoys helping others succeed. His transition to educator […]