Jackson Fish Market

There was a time when brand and software were relative strangers. Software was just a functional tool, like a hammer, and brand had no role in software. Conversely, software had no role in brand either. Times have certainly changed. Most technology companies have certainly recognized that their software is in fact their brand and have invested heavily in putting their best foot forward in that regard. But, even more interestingly, big (and small) brands have recognized the role software can have in burnishing their brand and spend more time with their customers by having branded software that becomes a regular part of their lives. Exciting times!

Authentically expressing your brand in the form of an interactive digital experience is no small feat. Jackson Fish Market can help. Software is the canvas and oil paint of interactive experiences. It’s not plumbing. It’s not just a pile of bricks that can be shaped into anything. If the agency designing your software doesn’t understand not just branding, but your brand specifically (and deeply), then the interactive experience you put out to your customers won’t resonate. It won’t resonate with your audience or with your own employees who are also the audience for the message and medium you use to communicate your purpose.

These times are exciting, but they’re also hard. We pride ourselves on being deep in brand and in our chosen medium – software. Maybe Jackson Fish Market, a Seattle Branding Agency, can help with the story you’re trying to tell.