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Posted on September 20, 2011 by hillel on Companies We Admire, Consulting, User Experience

Showing off: The New eHarmony App for iPad is Gorgeous

As you may know, Jackson Fish Market is a bit of a hybrid business. We’re a software startup with products like A Story Before Bed and Thrilled for You, but we also have a user experience consulting side that helps other companies make their software special. We’ve worked with dozens of companies and are proud of all our collaborations. We also are wary of taking more than just a smidgeon of public credit for the results. While we are proud of the role we play, there’s a lot of work on those apps that goes beyond our design efforts to bring them to market.

But, we’re going to show off a little bit more than usual when it comes to the new eHarmony app for iPad. We’re proud of the work we did providing a deep set of initial designs for their app. But, the eHarmony team took the ball and ran with it. No… they sprinted with it. Not only was it amazing for a successful business to come to us with such open minds and hunger for innovation, but they took the work we did it and made it way better. They executed our contributions beautifully, but took them to the next level as well. Various transitions and animations are fantastic. Navigational systems were extended with style. And small touches of personality (make sure to tap the coffee in the coffee cup on the opening screen) are pixel perfect (not to mention adorable).

Even if you’re not looking for that perfect partner, I highly recommend you download eHarmony’s new app for the iPad. The screenshots below just don’t do it justice. This is an example of a next generation user experience that can’t be ignored. And here at Jackson Fish Market, we’re very glad to have played a small role in helping make it happen. Bravo eHarmony team.

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