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Posted on September 1, 2008 by hillel on About

First Ever JFM Internship is Complete

We’re back after the Labor Day weekend and our cozy workspace has gotten a little quieter. Our first ever class of interns — Luke, Tyler, and Alex are off to school. They each did an excellent job this summer and we’re super pleased. A quick refresher:

  • Our promise that the interns would ship something.
  • Our announcement of the intern’s project shipping – Elmore City Dance Club
  • Luke’s report on how he spent his summer internship here.

I think for us the inaugural “Atelier” internship program was successful on many levels:

  • We actually were able to recruit 3 quality interns (2 devs and a designer) to JFM for the summer even though other companies were better known, more highly resourced, paying better, etc.
  • The interns actually were able to ship something by the end of the summer doing the vast bulk of the work on their own.
  • We now have three graduates who are potential contractors for work that we have to get done down the road.

All in all… a fun, productive, and educational summer. Now on to some autumn software development.

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