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Posted on April 26, 2010 by hillel on Companies We Admire, Design, User Experience

Best. Loading screen. Evar.

We love making software with incredible attention to detail. I’m not saying we always succeed, but we certainly try. And there’s nothing we love better than using software made by people with the same values. When we needed an e-mail service awhile ago we ended up with some white label piece of crap whose name I don’t even remember. When we had enough suckage we went with MailChimp. Constant Contact seemed bigger, but MailChimp looked better. We chose it strictly based on the UI. And while it’s not perfect, it does have moments of perfection. And remember as you look at these, MailChimp is a colorful attractive thoroughly modern looking web app.

These retro loading screens are pure excellence. They were hard to capture, so the first one is mid-load, and the second is with the Strongbad option where he mumbles about how soothing green text is. Awesome.


Notice the ASCII banana. :)


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