Jackson Fish Market

We’ve now filled all Atelier positions for 2008. Thanks to everyone who applied. We’ll post on this page when we’re accepting applicants for a future Atelier program. Thanks!

We are growing our ranks of designers and software developers by offering full-time paid internships in our Atelier internship program for the summer of 2009.


We have all the standard accessories: cool location, cool hardware, semi-cool people ;), free snacks and drinks, Lego, Wii, etc. All the same stuff that everyone else has. What we also have however is a program that gives you the opportunity to ship actual software that your friends and family can see, use, and love. This is not an experience where you’ll help out on a small feature in someone else’s product. Instead you’ll build an entire piece of software, from conception to launch, that you and your fellow interns can deliver.

Our Atelier is a workshop where interns can work together to create a fully realized shipping Jackson Fish Market hand-crafted software experience. (See They’re Beautiful! for an example of the kind of software we’re talking about). Designers and developers have the ability to work closely to conceive, execute, and publicly introduce their creation during their 10-12 week internship.

You will learn a lot but you will need to come with some basic skills so we can make the most of the summer. Development candidates should have core competencies in front and back-end internet software development along with some working code to demonstrate said competencies. Designers should be facile with all the basic digital tools of the trade as well as have a portfolio that we can check out to see what you’re about.

Whether or not you come to Jackson Fish for the summer, make sure you go somewhere you get to ship. Shipping is what counts. Shipping is how you grow and learn. Shipping is what’s fun.

Folks who are interested please submit a URL to where we can learn about you, and why you’d be a great Atelier participant (this can be your resume, portfolio, or just your contact info and a list of links to stuff you’ve done).

Or alternatively feel free to apply via e-mail or ask us any questions you may have.