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Posted on March 15, 2016 by hillel on Brand, Design, Digital Transformation, Services

A Word on Branding, Naming, & Identity from a Seattle Branding Agency

And now a word from your friends at Seattle branding agency — Jackson Fish Market.

It’s both this obvious concept and yet a mysteriously slippery one. What is a brand? Some people think it’s a logo. Some people think it’s your reputation. And in truth, it is both of those things and many more. We live in a world of branding. And these days it’s not just companies that brand themselves, the tools for personal branding have never been more powerful or more accessibly. And yet, what a brand actually is remains a topic of some debate and confusion. And this can be especially difficult when you’re struggling to understand how to evolve yours.

So what should one do?

Here at Jackson Fish Market, a Seattle branding agency (and more) we know that every client, every brand, will require a completely different approach. Every project will be a ground up rewrite. But we start every engagement with a single question that starts us down that unique path: “Why do you come to work every day?” That is both the most telling and the most interesting question we can ask because the answer is the heart of your brand. Your logo may change. Your products may change. There is almost nothing about your business that won’t ever change. But the reason you come to work every day, that never changes. If a brand is to be authentic, it needs to resonate with your audience. And marketing doublespeak never does. Consumers are too sophisticated for that these days. They can smell fake a mile away. But you can’t fake your actual passion. It’s something kinetic and emotional that our brains can detect in ways that scientists don’t yet completely understand.

At Jackson Fish Market, it’s our job to seek out this truth, this core raison d’etre and use our skills to express it in a suite of brand elements and tools that you can use to tell your story over and over again to new and existing customers, to partners, to investors, and especially to your own employees. And providing this unique service, well, that’s the reason we come to work every day.

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