We’re psyched to have a new free book for you.

Hey everyone. Hope you’ve all had a nice week.

The last two notes have rivaled a PhD thesis in terms of length so I’m going to keep it short and sweet for everyone this week. As promised, A-Z at the Earth Museum is no longer free. But, we’re not stingy here at A Story Before Bed and love giving out free books and getting everyone more experience using the service. We also know that a lot of books are recorded for really young children. We have a new free book that is really for older kids (7 and older, or a grown-up 6?) and it’s a classic – The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. (In fact, since it’s free, why not consider recording yourself reading it to another adult. Grownups like to be read to as well.)

The illustrations are original and distinct. The illustrator, Roee Kedem, is a Doctor living in New York City. He works the ten final days of every month at an emergency room doing 12 hour shifts. And then the rest of his time is spent drawing and painting in his studio. An actual physician-artist. And he chose to illustrate Poe’s classic with ball point pen. Seriously. Ball point pen. Check it out:

the raven

One note: we know sometimes the text on the books can be a little smaller than might be comfortable to read. Each of the major operating systems has a magnifier tool you can use to boost up the size of whatever you’re looking at on screen. Here are instructions for each system: MacOS, Windows 7, and Windows XP. And cause we know that most of the books everyone records are featured on the front page, here are some books you may find interesting from the stacks in back. Click to preview:

not so tall for six chicken scratches

woolyhoodwinks en ingles

things a string maggies cello

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Don’t forget to give me a call at 1-888-947-8679 if you need any help, and of course… happy reading. :)