Our own Jenny Lam is the Best Startup Software Designer in Seattle


Of course we’ve known that for some time, but now our local startup community concurs. Nominated last year but coming away winless, this year Jenny took home the prize. We spend the bulk of our time heads down trying to make great software. Ultimately, our customers loving our products is what we cherish the most. That said, getting recognition from your peers is a treat. Thanks Seattle 2.0 and the community of folks who voted for us.

Check out all the winners at TechFlash.

Update: In what has roundly been denounced as a “dick move” I tried to make a nuanced point about who was or wasn’t a software designer in my original post. Not only was I wrong that two of the other nominees were actually designers, but my attempt at nuance was i believe what the kids call “an epic fail”. Now in the worst tradition of dick moves, I’m removing all the original stuff and replacing it with this. I know I can’t unsay what I said, and I apologize that it came off as jerky. To the folks involved, I owe you coffee/lunch. And to everyone else, please don’t blame Jenny for my poor judgment.

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