Sketchnotes from my talk at Web 2.0 Expo

Check out Anita Hart’s awesome sketchnotes from my Web 2.0 Expo talk on aesthetics in software.




Thanks for taking such “expressive” notes Anita!

4 Responses to Sketchnotes from my talk at Web 2.0 Expo

  1. Mike L says:

    Anita, that is awesome!! Jenny, thanks for posting them. Many times I find myself doing the same thing. The problem I have is I can’t write/draw and listen at the same time. ;-) Is the talk online yet? I would love to hear it.

    My conclusion is… Until the aspects of a “great” designer are adopted, accepted and taught in school, both to the designer and the business students, nothing is going to change. I haven’t been in school for a while so I can’t say how much is or isn’t being taught, but “design” has been a purely creative discipline for so long that it’s going to take time to trickle. I had to pick up the more analytical stuff on my own.

    The other problem I see is companies are in too much of a hurry. My guess is most designers don’t get the time to actually think about all the things that a “great” designer should think about. With the imbalance of designers to developers, the “bottom line” becomes the deadline driver. This leads to the problem of design becoming the “icing”. Do you pay 3 higher paid people to wait for one lower paid person? It all comes down to poor project management. Often because the designers and developers are considered “different” they are kept separate in the planning process or worse not included at all. If the designer is the one left out it leads to difficulty selling the big picture after the fact.

    I’m really glad this imbalance is becoming a topic of interest. I hope that ears are open to listen.

  2. Anita says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for sharing these! I need to use thicker paper next time.

    Thanks! I took mostly text notes only during the session, and no tweeting. Later, I re-drew them. I have a pg. 5-6 not shown above but on Flickr, where Jenny talks about the dangers of pre-fab design and templates, etc. I hear you about companies (especially corporations) being in too much of a hurry — super quick deadlines that leave no time to create much, but just produce it yesterday. “Make it look pretty” and design by committee values are frustrating and wrong.

  3. Jen Paul says:

    Hi Jenny, I echo Mike’s question about the presentation being available online. I was hoping to use it as a demonstration internally about what a great presentation looks like. I’m not up on technology, but I’m assuming you built your presentation using some sort of fancy software is that correct? I really enjoyed your talk in SF. Thanks.

  4. Jamie Cabaccang says:

    Jenny, I’d love to hear you speak about aesthetics on software. I, too, am also wondering if your talk is available to view somewhere online? Anita- I heart the visual notes!

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