Small and Special — A Tiny Conference for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneur Hopefuls

On the way back from a recent conference, Jenny, Walter, and myself started trying to figure out what we liked and what we didn’t like about the various conferences we’ve attended over the years. Somehow, as usually happens when we start complaining, an idea for something we could do is born. In this case that idea is to put on our own event.

One of the first books I read when we started Jackson Fish Market was Bo Burlingham’s Small GiantsCompanies that choose to be great instead of big. I read a lot of books to prepare for this journey we’re on, but none came close to having the impact of Small Giants. The desire to make something great spoke to us. Being big had never been a goal. Perhaps some entrepreneurs who want to “scale up” are trying for big impact. We get that. We want to have big impact, and (we think it’s ok to admit) big paychecks. But if the recent trouble in the economy shows us anything, it’s that many people are confusing growing their impact with a blind pursuit of growth at any cost.

Some giant companies are able to create wonderful products and services despite their size. That said, there’s no doubt that scale is more often than not a serious impediment to quality. (Often, that very quality is what got these companies their scale in the first place.) And while it’s easy to pick on big companies struggling to make something special, we think it’s even more interesting to celebrate small companies who are getting the job done. We’re inspired by small companies with passionate founders and employees who not only love what they’re doing but are finding a way to make it a financial success as well.

In this economy, even just out of necessity, many people are considering creating a business of their own doing something they love. What better way to prepare than to talk to people who are already making it happen. Our afternoon will consist of a series of passionate founders telling their inspirational stories with opportunities for you to ask questions as well as meet other entrepreneurs who share your dream.

While we’re focused on delivering great web software, we are on a broader mission here at Jackson Fish Market — we hope to someday become a small giant ourselves. And so aligning ourselves with the mission of small, passionate, and successful businesses feels good and feels right. We’re very proud to announce, Small and Special — a tiny conference for small business owners and entrepreneur hopefuls.

  • Tuesday June 30, 2009, 2-6pm
  • Georgetown Ballroom, Seattle Washington
  • Seats are limited, and only $25 per person. Register soon. :)

You can get all the details, including the confirmed speakers and registration information at Small and Special. Thanks for checking it out. We’d love for you to join us.

And don’t forget our excellent sponsors: First Sound Bank, SmartSheet, Perkins Coie, and Office Nomads. They rock!

5 Responses to Small and Special — A Tiny Conference for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneur Hopefuls

  1. Hi Hillel,

    I’m looking forward to this event, and I’ve added it to the Seattle 2.0 events calendar to help the word get out. See you there!


  2. Hillel,

    This is awesome! I’m very excited to attend. I just registered.


  3. Hi guys – If you’re still looking for speakers, I’d love to do a session on “Creating a business in 2 hrs or less”. I left Microsoft in Feb (I was in WinLive), and am in the process of kick-starting a small business. If you think folks would be interested in hearing about my experiences, let me know…


  4. Hillel says:

    @Danielle and @brad, thanks! We’re psyched for you guys to come. :)

    @shawn, thanks for the suggestion. We’re actually focused on having speakers who have already created successful small businesses doing what they love. It sounds like you’re still in the early stages though i’d love to know more.

    I also wonder out of curiosity, are you saying creating a company in 2 hours or creating a business in 2 hours? I understand the former. The latter seems not reality.

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