Jackson Fish World Headquarters v2

If you made it to our inaugural Secret Society Meeting at Jackson Fish Market World Headquarters last month, then you already know we’ve moved our working offices from the northwest corner of our building over to the northeast corner. The new space is not only much bigger, it also comes with wonderful floor-to-ceiling windows! We get lots of natural light, and a nice urban view of the Seattle Steam Factory across Western Ave. (Yes, they manufacture steam!)

With all this room to work with, we’ve carved out space for Hillel’s KJFM Studio, Walter’s I.T. Cave, and my Crafting Nook. Plus we’ve got two lofts (handy for when Hillel’s kids come to visit), a new larger than life-sized mural gracing our conference room wall, and a strange Star Trek-meets-Arabian-Knights doorway arch. (The arch was not of our making. We may do something to fix that later down the road, but some of our guests even like it!)

Walter and Mary-Alice even had a real street lamppost hanging around (!?!), so they brought it in and Walter installed it beautifully into the wood floor. Believe it or not, it fits right in, and looks like it could have come from our blog street scene.

Even though the space is big enough for us to spread out and each have our own room, Walter, Hillel, and I still prefer to all sit together because, well, that’s just how we roll :) Also, we have just enough space for when our summer interns arrive in a few weeks. Enjoy the pictures!

JFM new office collage