Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Even when you have a job like mine where you love what you do, taking time to do other stuff is important. Personally, I don’t need recharging per se, but getting to do other activities and gain new perspective is always a good thing. And ultimately I think it helps me do my job better. As we discussed in the post titled “Time Off” we talked about our goals for taking regular extended breaks from work as a company. Starting tonight we’re taking our first break. It’s going to be interesting as there’s a service to keep operating, clients to keep happy, and customers to respond to. But even though we won’t be completely disentangled from work responsibilities it really will be substantive time off. The kind where by the end you are so excited to come back to work you can’t contain yourself. (At least that’s the hope. ;)

The blog is essentially closed during that time as well, as blogging takes time away from important vacationing activities, and we can’t have that. Don’t worry, the florists will still be making bouquets while we’re gone and we have some friends who’ll keep an eye on everything to make sure that nothing topples over.

These first few months of Jackson Fish have been extraordinarily exciting for us. And we appreciate all the support, positivity, and feedback we’ve gotten to date. We’ll be back Monday, August 20, 2007 bright and early, raring to go. See you then. Have a great summer.

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  1. Laura says:

    Hi, Just wanted to say I found your blog through a search on google on paper flowers and saw your tutorial on to make them. They are beautiful and thanks for sharing :)

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