What an exciting last couple of days we’ve had here at Jackson Fish HQ. While it’s only a small first step in terms of the experiences we want to develop, we’ve been lucky to get a very fun reception for They’re Beautiful! First and foremost we wanted to thank everyone who’s checked it out, given it a chance, sent us feedback, and generally been willing to give our new app a few minutes of their time. Hopefully we’ll keep it interesting enough that folks will give it a few more minutes from time to time.

And since you’re probably not scouring teh internets for reactions (like we are) we thought we’d share with you some quotes from folks who’ve taken the time to write up their thoughts.

“Whatever magic is behind this wonderful application/service, it’s working. There’s definitely the Jenny Lam touch on the graphics here – everything is pixel perfect and drop dead gorgeous.” — Long Zheng, I Started Something

“I love that Jackson Fish’s home page banner is filling in with the “shops” they’re building — a neighborhood block with a fish monger and now, a flower market. Makes me want to visit.” — Marc Hedlund, O’Reilly Radar

“The coolest feature is the ability to embed the virtual gifts in another website, as I’ve done above. The “products” are visually stunning… …I’m going to refrain from watering my flowers. I’m hoping the wilting process is as visually interesting as the flowers themselves. Can’t wait to see if they actually show dead flowers in the widget.” — Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

“If you receive a postcard with an IP address link to click, hit the delete key instead. However, a bouquet of virtual flowers from They’re Beautiful is another story entirely.” — Security Garden

Of course, the reactions are not exclusively filled with lavish praise for the site (much to our surprise ;)), so we thought it only fair to share what some of the detractors think as well. :)

“The idea may seem a little odd.” — John Cook, Venture Blog, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“It’s an interesting concept but not handcrafted enough for me. Flower feels cold and very 3-d, don’t have that many selections… But I like the attempt to marry high-touch service with high-tech software… I am looking forward to their next project.” — Design Plus

Thanks again to everyone who’s checked it out and for the great feedback. And if you haven’t yet tried it, feel free to go send some flowers to someone you like. :)

4 Responses to Exciting

  1. jason monberg says:

    flowers are awesome. wanted to point out a “hack” or “bug” depending on your perspective.

    if i visit another persons flowers that they have embedded in their site, when arrive to view the specific bouquet there is a button “back to greenhouse.” clicking on this link brings me to their greenhouse, not mine. at which point one can water someone else’s unwatered flowers. discovered and “tested” with the techcrunch flowers ;)

  2. Hillel says:

    You are absolutely right. The current design permits random acts of kindness like watering someone else’s flowers. I wonder if Michael will ever get to see his flowers wilt. ;)

  3. tino says:

    nice service, but why not create “real” virtual flowers, computer generated, growing, with shared DNA, animated and realized in Silverlight? ;)

  4. Hillel says:

    All good ideas. Lots of possible directions.

    And we’re also Silverlight fans as well. :)

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