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Several folks have asked us to post pictures of the JFM headquarters but since we’re still in the process of spiffying up the place, I’ve posted just a few early pictures and details to give you an idea of our small but very hard working space.

We’re located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square district at 620 Alaskan Way on the second floor in a 100 year old building filled with artists’ lofts. Our neighbors are an art gallery, a Tibetan healing charity, and a snowboarding clothing wholesale showroom. One of the coolest features of the building is the old but very cool Kinnear Mfg Co. freight elevator which directly faces the Seattle Ferry Terminal. Our space is only around 1000 square feet and comprises a main work area, a tiny office we’re using as a storage room, and a separate ‘board room’ that doubles as the JFM Nintendo Wii Fitness Central (currently, Hillel kicks our butt at Wii Tennis but Walter and I will make a comeback any day now!). Just yesterday, Walter hooked up the Roku, speakers, amp and music server where we stream ‘KJFM’ and it has really improved the environment dramatically.

So our place is by no means fancy but there’s definitely something about it that really gets me excited to come to work. Of course it’s a combination of things — the work, the people, lunch in the city, playing Wii sports, etc… But there is real power in great work space no matter how small or humble. It gives us a sense of energy and helps us take pride in our work. I’m telling you, my nose is up against the inside of the car windshield when I’m driving down 99 in the morning. It’s almost like I can’t get to the office quick enough.

Now we just need to find time to finish up painting and getting artwork up on the walls and soon we’ll be ready for an open house. :)


UPDATE: Oops… we’re still getting the hang of this crazy newfangled thing they call wordpress… and we accidentally deleted all of the thoughtful comments. Feel free to repost and we will refund your commenting fees. :)

7 Responses to Our Crib

  1. Leslie Evans says:

    (Second) Firsties! The place looks great. You all look very hard-working and industrious. Rock on, JFM.

  2. Long Zheng says:

    There’s only room for one more Wii player before things get nasty!

  3. Tjeerd says:

    I can tell just from the reflection on Jenny that her mac there is running Windows Vista. :) (alright i’ll just repost my oh so funny comment)

  4. Hillel says:

    Three comments, three responses. :)

    1. Thanks Leslie!
    2. Can’t we just get another Wii and play head-to-head over the net?
    3. We use all manner of software and hardware here at Jackson Fish. And how could we not have a soft spot for Vista. :)

  5. david says:

    It looks like the three of your are in your “Halo” stations and ready to kill each other… Or, you are in perfect battleship position.

    “Jenny, you sunk my battleship”, screams Hillel!

    Nice space.

  6. matt says:

    Beautiful. All my peak work experiences have been in collaborative open spaces. When you get a few more you might want to invert and face the wall, which clarifies focus while working yet maximizes the commons and keeps conversation close. Being able to be in a shared conference space (without desks between you) simply by swivelling your chair 180′ is a great dynamic.

    For a very relevant take on constructing community for commercial purpose, cogitate on this: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/cool/view/

    Highly recommend watching the whole thing, but somehow think you already have. The subversive anti-marketing marketing is very powerful if you can get it right. 42entertainment hits some good notes in that sense.

    Looking good, guys!

  7. Tim Reha says:

    Hi Crew,

    Tim former loftmate from upstairs. The 619 is HAUNTED, period. I had a few very weird things happen up stairs like my turntables turn on at 6am after shutting all of the power down. Anyways, if you hear weirdness at night, you now know that its not just mind tricks.

    Good to see the spooks have not scared you out of the great building. Great to see the launch of the flower app.

    Cheers, Tim

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